Hubei Xitai Chemical CO.,Ltd. is the wuxi meihua chemical co., LTD. investment of 49.6 million yuan to
build the Hi-tech enterprise of hubei QianJiang city Yanhua industrial park and private technical company.Cooperating with famous chemical companies and institutes, Xitai now is a specialized researcher, developer, manufacturer and trader of hi-tech fine chemicals. The main production are hydantoin serial products, electronic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. An annual output of 2000 tons hydantoin of pharmaceutical grade , with an annual capacity of 2000 tons hydantoin epoxy resin ...[MORE]
hydantoin KOSHER CERTIFICATION 2013-5-3
China 25 (December 30 in Shangh... 2013-3-11
  Hydantoin Series
  Hydantoin Resin Series
  Antimicrobial preservatives
  pharmaceutical intermediate
  Special epoxy resin
  Perfume intermediates
  Amino acid derivatives
  Add:Yanhua industrial park, wangchang town, qianjiang city,Hubei province,China
Tel :+86-728-6703368/8100717
Fax :+86-728-6701879
Contact person: Yan Jun
E-mail:[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel: +86-728-6703368/8100717 E-mail:[email protected] [email protected]
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